Notes from April 8, 2021 Quarterly Meeting

  1. Welcome and Storytime (Emma Colburn)
    • Land acknowledgement
    • Read aloud: Superheroes are Everywhere by Kamala Harris
  2. Creating a Resilience Archive (Kelly Sunrose)
    • Through writing, reflection and discussion, we explored the strengths we discovered during this pandemic year and the practices we want to carry forward beyond the pandemic. Honoring where we have been and how we have survived in our own voices interrupts patterns of hopelessness, helplessness and isolation that white supremacy perpetuate.
    • Some of the questions we used to guide this discussion (and to inspire future reflection) are as follows:
      1. What are you most proud of about yourself & each other through the pandemic?
      2. What activities or rhythms have helped you & your family the most?
      3. Are there practices or lessons you have learned during pandemic you will carry with you beyond these times?
      4. What would you like to share with future communities or your future descendants about this time? And how can you compile & save these messages?
  1. DEI Committee Events (Sue Bickerstaff)
    • Recent virtual events: 
      1. BIPOC Connection hour for families of students of color: an informal time for connection and building community (Jan)
      2. What a Wonderful World: a recital to celebrate Black History Month (Feb)
      3. Storytime by Habiba Addo (March)
      4. Not a Book Club: a conversation group for adults focused on Prentis Hemphill’s podcast interview with Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs (March)
    • The second issue of the DEI newsletter Famille du Monde will be released next week; the focus is on Senegal; Senegalese Independence Day was April 4th
    • Discussion of possible upcoming events:
      1. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
        • A statement in support of Asian community members in light of ongoing acts of violence and hate; an opportunity to restate our values
        • A virtual celebratory mosaic (like the American Excellence blog post for Black History Month) that calls attention to Asian American activism, contributions of Asian Americans, and/or unknown histories 
        • A walk around the Willamette River Esplanade stopping at the Japanese American Historical Plaza 
      2. An in-person art event for families at a park in June to celebrate Pride month
      3. Virtual Storytime with Jelani Memory, author of A Kids Book About Racism

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