Structures & Processes

The DEI committee is structured with three tiers of participation, much like concentric circles. There are opportunities for engaging, learning, volunteering and leading with a range of commitment levels: (1) on an activity or event basis; (2) by attending quarterly meetings of the DEI committee; and/or (3) by deepening commitment through participation in the DEI committee’s Leadership Circle. 

Participation: We encourage all people in the Le Monde community to participate in meetings and activities: teachers and staff, parents and caregivers, administrators and board members. Meetings are held quarterly and are open to the Le Monde community.  At any time, anyone is welcome to join the Leadership Circle, a committed planning group that meets monthly. Anyone interested in volunteering at a specific event may do so without prior participation in meetings or leadership.

Leadership Circle: The DEI Committee is led by a Leadership Circle, a group of self-selecting individuals who have the desire and capacity to be involved in shaping the course of the committee. Learn more about our Leadership Circle here.

Decision-Making: Our preferred method is consensus by discussion. We are committed to a process of decision-making that brings clarity and accountability to the leadership structure, while providing room for input and dissent from those who participate. We believe that the best decisions will be made when diverse perspectives are voiced. We are working to formalize our decision-making structures, including a process for (s)electing co-chairs, over the 2020-21 school year.

Meeting Proceedings: An agenda is emailed by the co-chairs in advance of the meeting. A co-chair or volunteer will facilitate and take notes. At the beginning of every meeting, the mission statement of the committee is read with a brief explanation of the group for the benefit of any new participants. The agenda is presented, with clear goals for what the specific meeting hopes to achieve within the meeting timeframe.  Near the end of the meeting, the facilitator and note-taker will recap action steps, responsible parties, and deadline goals.

Committee meetings will take place online during the evening with exact dates to be decided. When meeting in-person is required, the Le Monde campus will be the location of preference, with the Belmont Library as a second option. Every effort will be made to ensure that childcare is provided.

Documentation and Communication: Documentation of the committee, including meeting agendas and notes, is stored in a Google Drive folder to which all individuals on the committee’s email list have access. The committee will maintain a public website that will feature the committee’s mission, vision, and upcoming events, as well as resources for parents and families.  

The committee will use email to communicate with members and provide progress and/or programmatic updates to staff and school administration. The committee will provide in-person updates to Le Monde board members. The committee will work with the school leadership to develop other vehicles for communication, including updates in La Gazette du Monde.

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