October 9, 2022 Meeting Notes

We gathered on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at Colonel Summers Park

– Adults in attendance: Sue Bickerstaff, Emma Colburn, Kelly Connor Sunrose, Raina Croff, Jeffrey Yasskin, Michelle. – Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2022. Kelly will create post on website commemorating the holiday and include a link to the Kids’ Powwow in Laurelhurst. Michelle spoke of open-source curriculum available on the Oregon state education site, Kelly will include that in our Indigenous and Native American Heritage posts. Sue will share the post on Facebook. 

– Native American Heritage event at Blue Lake. Decided on date for this event: November 5 at 2pm, which will feature storytelling with and by Le Monde Board Member Karen Kitchen plus tour of sculptures at Blue Lake, and time for connection through eating (people can choose to share or not due to ongoing pandemic) and play. Kelly will confirm date with Karen and schedule next small meeting with planning cohort. Please let Kelly know if you would like to help plan. 

– Skating Party will be at Mt. Scott Community Center on 12/10. Nadine rented the space. We will ask participants to contribute in order to fund future events, specifically money to rent space for the Black History Recital. Brief discussion of how we have handled funds in the past: one FDEI leadership person volunteering to collect funds in their personal paypal/venmo, then paying cost, splitting any remaining funds and donating in equal parts to Le Monde and our sister school in Durissy, Haiti. 

– 3rd Annual Black History Recital. Discussed potential location (Tabor Space, East Portland Community Center, Montavilla Community Center, others) and permutations to event now that we are transitioning to in-person. Emma would like kids’ input about what form the event will take and to make participation accessible to kids who may not feel comfortable performing. Ideas: event-based art project, local artist, local 

movement/dance/drummer to inspire participation in a low-pressure way. Opportunity to bring in whole Le Monde community through curriculum. 

– Diversity of studentship discussion. Last year we shared fliers and posted on social media (individually and as a group) about Le Monde’s lottery process and discussed expanding efforts through an in-person event this year. Do we want to do this? Discussed inviting Le Monde board to do more if this is a priority. 

– Jeffrey has books for kids he would like to share on the website. 

– Kelly (and Sue?) will look at website to make more usable (tags, categories, menus) for users. Kelly will also switch out some of the graphics. Anyone want to volunteer to gather or make images for our site? 

-Discussion about supporting LM ability to attract AND RETAIN diverse students/families by creating bullet point list of board policy requests (put board meetings on syncing calendar, reconsider policy for free/reduced lunches, etc)  and create a DEI FAQ to post on our website 

– Next meeting: Thursday, November 3 at 7pm

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